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Whether you are looking for an ice machine and dispenser that can be part of your facility self-serve drink station, or you need a way to make ice more easily accessible to your employees and waitstaff, a countertop ice dispenser is a great way to fill your ice making needs without taking up a lot of valuable space. 
When evaluating your requirements in a countertop ice maker an important clarification to make is whether you need a self-contained ice machine; that is, an ice dispenser with a built in ice maker. This style of ice dispenser is more expensive, but in high-volume settings or self-serve stations where your employees won’t be able to frequently fill the dispenser manually with pre-made ice a self-contained unit is a valuable asset. 
Storage capacity and production capacity are also important features to narrow down in the selection process. Consider both the volume of ice you use in a single day, as well as the amount that you need to have on hand during the busiest rushes to be sure that whatever machine you select will be able to keep up with customer demand. In a self-contained unit, ice production is measured in the 24 hour production capacity which will range anywhere from around 125 to 720 pounds per day. A good rule of thumb when estimating your production requirements for a 24 hour period is to know that for every 12 to 16 oz beverage, you will need about 8 oz of ice. So, if you sell 500 beverages in a day, then you will need an ice machine with a 24 hour production capacity of at least 250 pounds per day. 
Ice style is another important feature that you should consider when evaluating an ice dispenser, with choices of full or half-cube ice, nugget ice, or flake ice. Each style of ice lends itself best to various uses. Full-cube or half-cube ice is probably the most recognizable, and is often used for soft drinks or alcoholic drinks. This style of ice melts slowly and displaces a relatively large amount of liquid in the glass, which will save your business on product costs. Nugget ice is one of the most popular styles of ice today and is used in most convenience stores and many restaurants, due to the fact that it cools drinks quickly, absorbs flavors, and has a chewable texture that many people enjoy. Flake ice is typically used in healthcare environments for its lack of choking hazard, and in grocery stores and fish markets to create attractive chilled displays.
Whatever your specific business needs and preferences, at you will find the perfect ice dispenser to meet your ice making needs. Choose from a wide range of the best brands all with our lowest price guarantee, free freight on everything, and 32 years of quality as an authorized dealer.

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